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Lloyd RuzLloyd Ruz 

Custom Links (using Contact Fields) in a Formula (Text) HYPERLINK () field

Is it possible to pull through a merge field to the HPYERLINK formula in a Formula (Text) field?

The link works in as a custom link/button eg. www.website.com/form?pa0={Contact.Email} - however this same link does not pull through the field, but treats the field merge it as text when used in a Formal (Text) fields as: HPYERLINK (www.website.com/form?pa0={Contact.Email}).

Any help ont his would be much appreciated.
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I guess you are using HYPERLINK function wrong, try this it works for me

HYPERLINK( "www.website.com/form?pa0=" & Email, 'ImHyper')

above Email is field from where you want to fetch the value,
'ImHyper' is just friendly name you want to show instead of whole url