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Shweta RaiShweta Rai 

Popup message on document folder


I am really new to Salesforce and seeking your help to develop the bewlo idea. In my org, we are using Document to store the files. Document has a folder "Sales Tools". I want whenever users click on the "View" or "the document link" a custom message should pop- up and when user click Ok he should be able to see the document . Below is the screenshot to give more idea of what i am referring to.
User-added image

Please let me know how can i create a custom popu- message whenever i click on "View" or "Document Link"

Thanks a lot.
Balaji Chowdary GarapatiBalaji Chowdary Garapati

 I believe there is no easy way for this!  Instead of standard documents tab, build a visualforce page tab which works in the similar way as standard tab, but also accomodate your requirement, though it sounds ugly, i think it is the only way left out with!

Please let me know, if you come across any other solution than this.

Cheers n Good luck.

Hi there,

This really isnt an option that is offered by Salesforce so on that basis I would push back on this request.

For your informtaion, there are ways to get this result but would require quiet a bit of effort and also pretty good knowledge of Apex & Visualforce & Javascript. I suspect the effort involved would not be worth the benifit.

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