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Data from 2 Webservices to be shown on Customer Life Cycle (Visualforce Page)

I have a requirement where I need to show Customer Life Cycle (on landing page for customer - visualforce page) depicting various stages of him registrating for flat, welcome call, allotment letter, payment slabs (Slab 1, Slab 2, Slab n), Key Handover of flat, etc.

Now technically, the data for various stages is coming from Webservice 1 and data for payments is coming from Webservice 2. 

Has anyone encountered such a Use Case? How best can I resolve this problem? Also the various webservice fields which need to be displayed on lifecycle are dates (Payment Slab 1 Received Date, Registration Date, Key Handover Date, etc.) and need to be shown in chronological order of dates. Thus, the challenge lies in how to gather fields from both web-services, show it chronologically in terms of dates and finally show the current stage of customer.

Please advise.


Hi Vimal,

You need to create a wrapperclass with properties for the fields that you mentioned .
First call the webservice 1 and get the details of payment from other serevice ,add the returned values of these serrvices to the wrapper class and bind those to the visualforce components.