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Jack NedelmanJack Nedelman 

How search for carriage return in formula

I am trying to find the carriage return in case description field.  I used these formula listed below. Everytime it returns zero.
Any ideas how I can find the line break?
Both of these items below return zero. There is definetely a line break in my description field
FIND('\r',  Description,1 )
FIND('\n',Description,1 )
Sridhar BonagiriSridhar Bonagiri

Can you try with either of the following.

FIND('\r\n',  Description,1 )
FIND('\\n',Description,1 )

Sridhar Bonagiri
Jack NedelmanJack Nedelman
THanks Sridhar, but that gave me the same results.
Jack, were you ever able to resolve this? I have the same need.