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Alphonse OnyeagwaAlphonse Onyeagwa 

Need help with Controlling Price Book Entries

I am trying to create a validation rule on Price Books, Products, and Price Book Entries. 

 = 'CADMM' && Contains(TEXT( Default_Product_Line__c ),"Materials & Minerals")))


 = 'EPDRMSI' && Contains(TEXT( Default_Product_Line__c ),"Radiation Measurement and Security Instruments")))

However, when I use this condition without a IF, it does not work. When using IF, it works, but I am having issues locating a field to pick our picklist for Product Family on Price Book Entries. I am getting a lookup to Product Field (Product2.Family). Can anyone shed some light on this, please? Thanks in advance! 
I don't see where you are usinf the IF function in your VR Formula? 

Product2.Family is the API Field Name for the Product Family picklist field so your syntax would be: 
CONTAINS(TEXT( Product2.Family ),"Some Value")