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Jeff OnsrudJeff Onsrud 

How to use Web-to-Case to fill in Lookup Field info

I am trying to use the Web-to-Case function to allow people to submit support requests from my website. The Web-to-Lead seems to work well, but it is all new info the user is posting. I am trying to have it pull up a user's account and associated info to log a case. It seems to pull all the Contact and Account info from the Email address pretty well, EXCEPT: I need the user to be able to specify which one of a related object the New Case submission is for.

My use case is I have a custom object for the products we sell and they have a serial number that identifies each unit. I want to pull which serial number they are requesting support on based on a field they fill in on the Web-to-Case (a Serial # field filled in on the form by a user).

I have tried to use the same tricks as creating a custom button with URLs that use the "CF" prefix and the "_lkid" suffix on the unique field name but have had no luck with it passing the filled info into the lookup field on the actual case that is created.

I saw an old case from 2008 that said you can't do lookups and I am hoping SFDC has progressed since then or someone has found a work around. I tried doing a Workflow rule, but you can't update lookup fields either.

Any help anyone can give?

Thanks in advance!
You can't do lookups I'm afraid, as the Web-to-(Case|Lead) is disconnected from Salesforce and runs as a standard HTML form.  If you need tight coupling with your Salesforce data/object model, the usual mechanism is to iframe in a Visualforce page surfaced on an unauthenticated Force.com site.