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i need a batch class to fetch four fields from four different Opportunity object records and insert those values into four differnet fields in single child record

HI San,

You need  from four different Opportunity object or four different opportunity records .Please elaborate your requirment .
sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi HelloSan,

Wec an achiev this, can you tell me the exact mapping and from which 4 objects we should be pulling the data..which fields we are using to identify and it is same that always same 4 opportunity we will use to pull the data..please elaboraet little more so I can help you out..

Thanks for response,my requirement is to capture the Service Amount from four different opportunities of different quarters of each account per year and insert those four different values in to single row in four different fields in one child record(Service Object).The basic idea behind this is to capture the service amounts of each Account per year based on quarters and dislplay in one single row in one child record.