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Rendered and rerender


Can i know how does Render and rerendered  support in VF pages

Hi Suresh ,

Rendered is to display one component or a group of components with condition from DOM .
Rerender is something to refresh some component  with some action .
You can add more then one component Id to refresh on Rerender .

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sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi Suresh,

Rendered - It is same as you are displaying a block based on some condition...if that condition will become true then only that block will be visible .

<apex:outputpanel  rendered ="{If(lstAcc.size >0 , true, false)}">

Rerender - It means a particular block or section you are refershing....


You have one block where you are showing the contacts related to account and then onclick of add button you have added one more contact to account...so instead of refershing and reloading the entire page, you can simply refersh the section which shows the contact related to account..

<apex:outputpanel  id="dummyId">

<apex:commandbutton onclick="someaction"     action="{!method}"  rerender="dummyId" />

In above example on clik of button we are refershing the panel which has id as dummyId..

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