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Want to fetch 1 lakhs record on sing vf page.

Hi, I want to fetch 1 lacs record in the list view in single vf page. How do i acheive this i am getting governer limit. I am thinking to fetch records on mouse scrol using jquery. How to acheive this if anyone has some idea then please let me know and one more thing i don't want to do this using pagination.

Please refer below link:
Hello Pankaj,

I went through the link that you provided but here if the record is more than 1000 it will give view state limitation error to overcome this situation we use readonly=true in vf page. It let us view 10000 records but in this situation we can not edit the record right.

But what i need when i fetch record it should show me the 1000 record and when i scroll the mouse half of the window it should fetch another 1000 records and above records should removed from view state. This is how we can overcome with the salesforce limitation as well. We can acheive this using jquery but how i am not getting. If you anyone have some idea then please reply.
All i need to show the record in the single vf page.