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Jonny SimmoJonny Simmo 

Can you determine how many of your customers have used the Save Chat button in Live Agent?

Hello all,

I think i know the answer to this question but will ask anyway in case somebody has worked out how to do this.

Within Live Agent it is possible to have a 'Save Chat' button on your customers chat window that allows them to save the transcript as a text file to thier machine. Does anybody know if it is possible to determine how many of your customers have used the 'Save Chat' button?

There does not appear to be an Event Status for this so it is not recorded as an event as far as I can tell. So is there any other way to determine this?


NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Jonny,

"Save chat transcript" is a button and when a customer clicks on that button, we can have a trigger update a custom field that we will create in this object record.After this we can pull up a report on this field to see how many users have clicked on this button.

This should work out for you.You can also use an AJAX script alternatively to get this information.

Let me know if this helps

Best Regards
Naga kiran
Jonny SimmoJonny Simmo
Hi Naga,

That sounds like a good idea that would solve my issue.

How would I link the Trigger to the 'Save Chat' button?