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Gopal AgarawalGopal Agarawal 

disable VF page untill it is fully loaded

I want to disable a VF page untill it is fully loaded!
i have a VF page which is showing around 1000 contact records(from which i have select some records through checkbox) but page takes some time to load.
this is the point where i am finding difficulty ,when page is loading and someone click on checkbox ,that record is not selected bcoz page is not fully loaded.
plz help me in this issue
Arun ChaubeyArun Chaubey
Hi Gopal,

You should use the pagination in your visualforce page, and specify the limit, how many records you want to display in your page. This will make your page load faster and still you can filter your records through using checkboxes. Please let me know if you have any issue with Pagination .

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Hey Gopal,
You can use Jquery preloader to prevent user to click before complete page load .

Check below link it will help chose which kind of image you want to display while loading page .