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Aliaksei RazumauAliaksei Razumau 

Time based workflow queue is getting emptied

2 days ago I viewed a queue of Time-Based Workflow rules which notify a specific person (by creating tasks and emailing), but yesterday I found this list is empty. How is that possible that workflow queue was emptied?? I had there more than 200+ items and objects, the rule is tight to (assets), weren't changed.

Yesterday I fixed my rules and using apex triggered WFR to re-evaluate existing records and had my queue populated again... BUT I came in today and it's empty again.

How is it possible? Is it a bug? Or a third party app? How is it possible to track down?
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
I would recommend you to raise a case with salesforce support to get this addressed if you are still facing the issue.