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Kelly PannellKelly Pannell 

How do I add an Email/Submit Button to one of my page layouts?

I am new to Sales Force/Property Base and I'm not sure how to start going about this task.
I want to add a email/submit button at the bottom of one of my page layouts so that when clicked it emails me a notification.  I looked in the new field section and I don't see an option for that type of button. Any help would be greatly appreacited.
I think you can go to the "Buttons, Links, and Actions" section and create a Button with Display Type as "Detail Page Button". Then when you edit the Page Layout, you should be able to add that custom button to it.
Sagar PareekSagar Pareek
Hi Kelly,

Do have any email template defined for the email notification? Have you written any code / email class that will send an email , that you want to bind with the custom button? 

Kelly PannellKelly Pannell
Hi Yuchen,
Thanks I will try that out.
Kelly PannellKelly Pannell
Hi Sagar,
No I don't have a email tempate defined and I haven't written any code to bind to the button. I know very little about writting code.