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Approver's Comments - Approval Process - Apex Trigger

In order to include approver comments on a Opportunity report, I created a custom field called BU Approver Comments opportunity. I orginally planned to create a field update on the Approval Process. However, I have been told this is not possible and that I would need to write a trigger.

Custom field on opportunity: BU_Approval_Comments__c

I am not sure who to write this trigger? Let me know what you need from me in order to write this trigger.


Hi Gonzalez,

I think you have one approval process in Oppotunity . Approval comment is basically stores in ProcessInstanceStep  Object .
ProcessInstanceStep is the child object of ProcessInstance .
You can check the below link to hav esome clear concept on the relationship .


As per my knowldge we can create standrad report with Opportunity and ProcessInstance not more deeper .
To more detail about the approval process you need to built custom VF report .
If you want only comment again if you have more then one step each step you should have one comment ,Do you need only final approval comment let me know I will try to help you out .