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nishad basha 7nishad basha 7 

how to display account records once click query button using visualforce page?

sandeep sankhlasandeep sankhla
Hi ,

You can pass the object name to apex class and then you can use query to get all the records and then you can get all those records in a list and then you can render that list in page in below section....

Let me know if you face any diffculity in implementing this..

nishad basha 7nishad basha 7
can you please send me that code
Keyur  ModiKeyur Modi
<apex:page controller="AccountController">
	<apex :form>
		<apex:commandButton value="AccountRecord" action="{!onClick}">
			<apex:pageblockTable value={!lstAccount} var="eachRecord">
				<apex:column value="eachRecord.Id">
				<apex:column value="eachRecord.Name">
	</apex :form>


public Class AccountController{
public List<Account>lstAccount{get;set;}
	public AccountController(){
	lstAccount=new List<Account>();

	public void onClick(){
	lstAccount=[SELECT id,Name FROM Account];

Use this bunch of code .. still if you found difficult then let me know.