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Where Current Selected Dashboard for User is Stored?

I need to set the default/current selected dashboard value for 270 different users in our org, and it'll take me forever to do it manually by logging into each users one by one, so I'm wondering if I can do this via APEX or the SOAP Metadata API.  But does anyone even know where this value (every users currently selected dashboard) is even stored?  Is it stored in some kind of metadata/schema component?  Or in something that's directly accessible via SOQL?

I don't think that you can actually set this. I haven't seen this in any API documentation so far... 
This is not possible - there have been a number of questions around this in the past, but this information is not accessible programmatically.  If you are looking to set the dashboard component for the home page, there is at least an idea to allow this which is in roadmap review status: