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Spencer MacSpencer Mac 

Quick Project - VF Multi-Object Select picklists


I'm looking to hire a developer for a quick project that involves creating vf pages that allow a user to lookup and select multiple related objects at once.  I have the basic code downloaded from github but I am still learning vf and am having trouble integrating it into my custom objects.  I'm looking to get this done rather quickly, please contact me if you are interested in taking this on and we can discuss costs, etc.
Hi Park

I am a salesforce developer with 4 years experience in salesforce and 401 certified .I am specialized in writing
1) bulkified triggers with test cases using maps and sets
2) apex controllers standard and custom with test cases
3) batch apex for bulk sms and webservice callouts
4) visualforce pages with java script
5) integrations and communities

Looking forward to work with you.

Note:Fast delivery with low cost.