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Veerle RuttenVeerle Rutten 

How can we update the Salesforce1 icon for a custom button on Event

We have a custom button on event which triggers a visualforcePage. The custom button is also displayed in Salesforce1, but we need to update the icon linked to the button to make it clear to the users what the icon does.
event is not supporting actions, so I cannot create an action for this. How can we give our custom button an own icon in Salesforce 1?
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Veerle,

Do you want to link an icone on custom button only in Salesforce1?

Jonathan GreenJonathan Green
I have run into the same issue and haven't seen any solutions. The work around would be to create a custom action just for Salesforce1, perhaps replicating the action of the button with JavaScript that redirects the user to the Visualforce page. 

I've just submitted an idea to Salesforce for this fix if you'd like to vote for it:


Until then I'll likely need to replicate buttons with actions. With Summer '15, it looks like there's a new option on the page layout that allows you to override which actions/buttons are shown on Salesforce1 vs the desktop so we won't have to have duplicates.