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Public Page acess!

Hello All,
Can any one please tell me what are the permissions are required to allow a VF Page/App to give a public acess as in the bellow URL

It looks like we need to use Site.com.. If yes please give some suggetions on what are the setups required for this?

Thanks in advance!

 Create a Force.com site using the following steps:
1. From Setup, click Develop > Sites.
2. Click New to create new public site
3. Click save.

You can able to provide necessary access in the Public access seetings.
Public access settings control what public users can do on each Force.com site. To set the public access settings for your site:
1. From Setup, click Develop > Sites.
2. Click the name of the site you want to control.
3. Click Public Access Settings to open the Profile page for your site profile.

This page includes all the functionality for viewing and editing profile permissions and settings. For more details check this implementation guide - https://help.salesforce.com/help/pdfs/en/salesforce_platform_portal_implementation_guide.pdf
Thank you Karanraj for the wonderful answer. Let me check this sit.com documentation which you shared. But one small question, I have a simple apage HelloWorld as bellow
<apex:page standardController="Account">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Hello {!$User.FirstName}">
    <p> You are viewing the {!account.name} </p>
        <b> Hello {!$User.FirstName} </b>
        <apex:detail />
        <apex:detail subject="{!account.ownerId}" relatedList="false" title="false"/>

i Just want to enable this page for my site. but when i give the Https://Sit URL/HelloWorld its throwing me a Authorization Required error, though i have listed HelloWorld page under "Enabled Visualforce Page Access". 

I might find answer to this in the Documentation, but i am just curious before that itself.   
In the visualforce page you are accessing Account object informations. So you have to enable public access for the 'Account' object also under
1. From Setup, click Develop > Sites.
2. Click the name of the site you want to control.
3. Click Public Access Settings to open the Profile page for your site profile.