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Cannot export tasks that are mass emails

I am exporting data from one Salesforce org to another. I have come to tasks and for some reason I got stuck och mass emails. That is tasks that in the SF-GUI are present in the activity history of an object like contact or account for example. When I create a query via a data loader the tasks are not in scope. When I use the workbench and create a SOQL-query I cannot see these tasks. I know they are there but they don't show in any results.
For example use this SOQL-query in the workbench
select id,subject from Task where Subject like 'Mass%'
It gives me zero result.

A similar query gives me result as expected.
select id,subject from Task where Subject like 'Email%'

Now, why is that?

Thanks / Niklas
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Blake TanonBlake Tanon
Unfortunately those records (Mass/HTML emails) can only be queried by the user who created them.  You may beable to query them in a class that disregards sharing, I haven't tried that but it may work.