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Andrew Hoban 6Andrew Hoban 6 

Embedding dashboard components into a Visualforce page.

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could help me embed some of my dashboard components into a visualforce page. After every week the dashboard needs to display different informatrion on different records and the only way to do this is to embed them in a visualforce page. I am new to this and am not sure how I would achiecve this.

If somebody could give me some help and a bit of code that would be much appreciated. 

PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Andrew,

You can refer to:

Andrew Hoban 6Andrew Hoban 6
Thanks for the reply. According to the comments in the link you have provided, there is no way to iFrame a report/dashboard in a visualforce page. Is there another way to achieve this? 
Hi Andrew,

Any luck on this solution, I am stuck with the same. Please let me know.