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Charlie Cox 7Charlie Cox 7 

Backing up APEX and Objects on 3rd party storage

We have unused code and objects in production. We want to delete them to free up space but also want to archieve what we delete. I have installed the Force.com IDE and plan to make a zip for the .object files and the .cls files. Then we would store the zip on bitbucket / github. What is the best way to open a .object file to show exactly what it shows me in the Force.com IDE? Or would I just have to reload it into the Force.com IDE to look at it?

You can open any of those files with a text editor like notepad for example.  Most of the files will be in an xml format, but the .cls class files will look like they do in the IDE. The .cls class files should also have a separate xml metadata file that includes their name and the api version.