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Jennifer GreamJennifer Gream 

How to add a web to lead form to a squarespace website?

Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma
Could you explain the requirement more. Have you tried steps of Web to Lead.

Jennifer GreamJennifer Gream
I need to view our current web to lead forms in salesforce. Can you tell me where I can find them?  I do NOT want to create a new form. I just want to put our current forms on our new website. 
Hello Jennifer,

Did you find any solution to this?
Jason RootJason Root
I am looking to do the same thing.  Any solutions?  I found this: http://mobyinc.com/labs/integrate-salesforce-with-squarespace-forms
But have been unable to replicate it.  I think Squarespace has changed the form ID's since this was relased.

The current form tag looks like this:
<form autocomplete="on" action="https://xxxxxxxxx-l3m9.squarespace.com" method="POST" onsubmit="
      return (function(form) {
        Y.use('squarespace-form-submit', 'node', function(Y){
          (new Y.Squarespace.FormSubmit({
            formNode: Y.Node(form)
          })).submit('5b57a7c8352f53cf4490638e', '5b57a68d70a6ad2a8eb3f7d5', 'page-5b57a68d70a6ad2a8eb3f7d5');
        return false;
      })(this)" data-form-id="5b57a7c8352f53cf4490638e">
So i think the code posted on mobyinc is outdated.  Currently trying to toggle it to work with his example, but running into form submission issues:
User-added image

So trying to debug this to find out why...