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Kalyan Madabhushi 8Kalyan Madabhushi 8 

Are custom settings considered as custom objects in a force.com app subscription license?


Good day to you all.

I wanted to check if Custom Settings are considered as part of 10 Custom objects creation limits for "Force.com - App Subscription" or custom setting in not counted under that limit. Please let me know about it. 

Yes, the objects created as custom settings count against your overall object limit

No, custom settings are not counted towards the 10 object limit for Force.com - app subscription license. The objects that are counted are only the ones that you can give access via profile, i.e. object read, create, edit, delete settings in profile. If you can't see an object there, it isn't counted. And there is no way you can give view access to custom settings to a user, it is an administrative / development feature. 

You can find another answer here as well http://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/35015/custom-setting-count-vs-the-license-sfdc-limits


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