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Satya Prakash 11Satya Prakash 11 

Developer Sandbox creation: Query

Hi Folks,

I am trying to create a new Developer Sandbox. When I went to Sandbox section, below are the licences that are available for me.

Developer-- 0 available (1 in use)
Developer Pro -- 1 Available (0 in use)

When I tried to create new Sandbox by clicking on the "Create" button under "Developer" license it automatically took the license of "Developer Pro" and created new Sandbox. And then the Developer Pro license became 0 Available.

Could any one let me know why it has automatically taken "Developer Pro" license eventhogh you clicked "Create" button under "Developer" license.

I guess instead of allowing us to create new Sandbox when there are no licences available it will be better if there is any error displayed.

This is because you only have one sandbox license.  Thus as soon as you choose to create one it drops any other that exists.  I'd put your final point up on the idea exchange so that other people can vote on it.