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Karthik keyanKarthik keyan 

How to create a record at Activity history at Case object for inbound mail from Email 2 case mail id

Hi ,
For case object ,we have activity history which records any completed tasks and mail send from salesforce for the particular case.We have requirement to log a record for inbound email which was send from registered email2 case mail id from gmail mail or Outlook server .But its seems to not creating the  records at Activity History for inbound email .Please suggests your valuable comment to do any confirgration to achieve this goals.

SonamSonam (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Karthik,

For the emails sent to the Email to Case email address to show up as Activity history - they must contain the thread ID such that the system can identify which case it should attach that email coming from gmail to.

read the following article to understand how this works: