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Tanvi KakkarTanvi Kakkar 

Based on Phone Number , Need to Fetch the Name and Address of the account .


I need to create a Visual Force Page and Apex. In which Phone number will be the input field. And based on the input of the user , the corresponding Name and Address need to be displayed . . If not found , it should ask for new account creation . 
Its Urgent . 
Thanks For Help
PratikPratik (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Tanvi,

You can accept the phone number as an input from your VF page and then perform a SOQL query in controller and return the results on the same VF page.
Please refer to the link which has dynamic search code, you can tweak it as per your requirement.

Tanvi KakkarTanvi Kakkar
I need to use plain get , set which I am not able to .. This link to complex for me to understand .