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Updating the picklist values in the modal...

Hi Everyone,

I have a multiselect picklist with values 1 to 10
I have selected 1, 2, 8 and saved the first record.
For the next record I should not see the values 1, 2, 8 as they are already got selected and saved for the first record.
This needs to be achieved in the modal and not on VF.
Vempally, I'm afraid you can't do it on salesforce default page layouts, as you can't define dependency between records. You would need to take the custom code route, unless someone has a better idea. I would be watching this thread. !! 
Gil GourévitchGil Gourévitch
As Hargobind_Singh said, you can't do this in standard layouts. The only option I see is to create a Visualforce Page that create on-the-fly the picklist content.
To avoid recreate the entire layout, maybe you can use the apex:detail tag and with some JS code, you can alter the options of your picklist.

Hope this helps

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