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Stéphanie ParkStéphanie Park 

How to update a multi-picklist on contact/lead based on a campaign field?

I am a Salesforce admin with no development knowledge.

I would need some help with the following:

I am trying to update a multipicklist on lead/contact object after they become members of a campaign (of a certain record type). The campaign has a multipicklist with certains values and I want to add these values to the multipicklist of the lead/contact without deleting the values that were already stored in the field previously.

I'm not sure if that's clear... Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
Would need a trigger most probably. Might not be possible using workflows as its actually Campaign Member that is being created here and I guess Campaign lookups on Contact and Lead are not changing. Correct me if I am wrong.
Stéphanie ParkStéphanie Park
The process is as follow:
A form on a webpage allows people to register to our event (=campaign). The campaign has attributes stored in multipicklists. When a new campaign member is created, we want to copy the attributes to the contact/lead associated with the campaign. We want to do an update of the MPL field on the contact/lead and not erase data already stored .
This should require a trigger.
Multi-picklist values are stored in database as semi-colon (;) separated like PMI;IIBA;ScrumAlliance.
In the trigger, you should split the MPL field value on ';' character for all the 3 records. Then run a comparison between Campaign's values and Contact's values, whatever value is present on Campaign but not on Contact, you may concatenate to already existent value on contact using ';' as separator. Same for Lead as well. For comparisons an easy way would be to employ the retainAll() or removeAll() methods provided by Sets.
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