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Existing Apex code change

Hi Experts,
As of now we are using timesheets for Weekly (Sun- Sat) basis.
Some of our consultants want to submit monthly timesheet. Please anyone advise the code for monthly.
Note: If anyone wants my monthly timesheet apex code I will mail you.
Please find below is the weekly timesheet.
Weekly TimeCard
Alok Khandelwal - DamcoAlok Khandelwal - Damco

If it is just for some and others would continue to use Weekly timesheets, here is what you could do:

Repeat UI code of the weekly timesheet to cover 4 weeks in a month. This section needs to be displayed conditionally.
Add a check on the page to take user input - Monthly/Weekly
If monthly then display all 4 weekly tables.
Let user fill in 4 weekly timesheets and then save 4 timesheet records to the backend the way you were doing for 1.

On page load also get the data of existing timesheets based on the user input (monthly/weekly).

I hope it was helpful.

Hi Alok,

Thanks for quick response.
Please provide me your communication mail. I'll drop my VF and Class code for better understanding.
My mail: manoharsfdc401@gmail.com