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Kushal MishraKushal Mishra 

conditional based Picklist

Hi all,

i need to create a  picklist wirh Green,Yellow, Red Values on Opportunity object .Green would be by default and if the value of the Type field under related Account is equals to Customer then it would be green and if that condition is not satisfied then i would be yellow.  However, the field should be editable by users, who can select another value from the picklist. please gyes help.
You can either use Process builder for this scenario.
1. Create a process builder on Opportunity object for on creation process and check related account condition and update the opporunity picklist field
2. Create a process builder on Account object, like whenever 'Type' field under the account changed then you want to update the related opportunity picklist value also. [Consider this only if you have any business criteria like this]

Check this link to know, more details about process builder -  https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/force_com_declarative_beginner/business_process_automation/process_builder

Hi Kushal,

Here are some steps which you can use to achive the desired functionality.

1. Create a formula field on opportunity of return type "text".
2. Click on advance formula button.
3. Paste the below code.

"Customer - Direct", IMAGE( "/img/samples/light_green.gif", "Green"),

"Prospect", IMAGE( "/img/samples/color_yellow.gif", "Yellow"),

"Other", IMAGE( "/img/samples/color_red.gif", "Red"),

IMAGE( "/img/samples/color_green.gif", "Green"))
4. Save this and keep this fields visible to the layout on which you are going to see.
5. "Customer - Direct", "Prospect" etc are the values on account's type field.
6. I've used two type of symbol which is inbulit images of salesforce. Use whatever you like. Please find below the name of images.

A. color_green.gif

B. light_green.gif

Please mark solved if it'll be helpful for you.

Kushal MishraKushal Mishra
Hi kapil, we can not use formula field....we need to use pick list...