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iframe on home page not work on summer15 how to fix this

Hi everyone 
I have a question need your help about the ifram html code to display VF page on Home left page .  The existing code is below now not work anomore . Can you help me fix this please please . DO you have idea for this ? 

code is below on home componenet type is HTML Area
<iframe id="idCalculator" src="/apex/PremiumCalculator?loc=https://ap1.salesforce.com/_ui/common/page/custom/PageComponentStageManager?id=02V900000005rrK&amp;retURL=%2F02V900000005rrK&amp;jump=1" border="0" height="540"  width="175px" width="175px"></iframe><script type="text/javascript">            function resizeIframe(height)  {                 document.getElementById('idCalculator').height = parseInt(height);     }              function populateURL() {             var f = document.getElementById('idCalculator');      var loc = window.top.location;  f.src="/apex/PremiumCalculator?loc=" + loc;         f.width="175px";             }              populateURL();</script>
Manga LakshmiManga Lakshmi

From Summer 15,  Support for JavaScript, iFrames, CSS, and Other Advanced Markup in HTML Area Home Page Components has ended.They recommended to use a Visualforce Area component. You can check out in summer 15 release notes.