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Will BoyceWill Boyce 

How to sync data from a mysql db on a linux box to SFDC enterprise environment?

We have a mysql database on a linux box and we would like to sync changes to that data into our SFDC environment.  Data does not need to go both ways at this time, just from the linux box to SFDC.  I have seen a number of Apps for this but I was hoping someone could help me with coding this.  I am fairly new to coding but I am a quick study and unfortunately this problem has me stuck.  I have searched this Forum for answers to this question but they all lead to partial answers and I feel like I am missing something at the end of each tutorial I watch on SOAP/REST APIs.  

Can someone please, pretty please point me in the correct direction?  Thank you in advance for your time and guidance!
Hi WIll, Its hard to suggest without knowing which programming language are you trying to program in. You have two broad choices: 
  1. You can write a program in say, PHP to read your new data and write to Salesforce using Salesforce SOAP APIs. You can go to developer.force.com and find out resources related to salesforce api and PHP, and there would be some samples there. Though you would need to know how to program in PHP and also how to access MySQL data in PHP. 
  2. You can write a program in say, PHP to read your database and create a CSV file at a location, at regular intervals. Then, you can compile salesforce data loader on Linux and schedule it to read that file and write to Salesforce at regular intervals as well.
Hope this helps a tiny bit.
Steve BowersSteve Bowers
I've been using Jitterbit for my custom research paper projects on https://writemyessaytoday.net/ (educational cases of Salesforce Integration) mostly all the time. But I also need SOAP API docs and API examples how to do this. If it works with large volumes of data, then I will try to setup the polling loop and see the exact time when the batch is complete.