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Christine AhrensChristine Ahrens 

Quick Project Needed in next 10 days

Description: Create an email template with an auto populated pdf

I have a custom object named Screenings.
The rep creates the Screening and within the screening they fill out custom fields. There is a custom field on the screening object that asks the rep, do they want to send out an electronic flyer. When the field is equal to Yes, we want to populate 2 custom fields (Screening Location:  xyz & Screening Date: 123) into a marketing electronic flyer as a pdf attachment which will reside within an email template

I want to be able to have this email template (with an auto populated pdf) available to program into a time trigger workflow
Hi Christene

Email me at salesforcelancer123@gmail.com for quick delivery of project.
buyan thyagarajanbuyan thyagarajan
Hi Christine,
 Thanks for your proposal. Based on your needs, I am a salesforce architect based in Philly and here is my approach to your needs.
1. Based on your needs, I understand that you are looking for a solution which would autopopulate fields on the screen object, create an pdf document which will be attached to an email template.
2. My solution would be to create a trigger which would populate the fields on the screen object based on user selecting the check box and would create a pdf document on the documents folder which can be attached to an email template. 
3. We can also update a field on the screen object on completion of the pdf documnet which can also be attached as an attachment and this can be used to trigger an automatic workflow.

Some key questions.
1. Do you anticipate send an attachment for every record entry on the screen object or would this be planned to send as a mass email?
2. Can you explain the reason on why you want to send this email attachment and what problem are you trying to solve ?
3. There will be a possiblity of multiple files stored for the screen object which can cause storage issues on the long term and also governor limits if multiple users submit the form at the same time. Would this be done by one user at one time or will this be done in mass by multiple users?

Please feel free to email me at buyan@eigenx.com for further questions and i would appreciate if you could respond back to my questions?