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Andrew Aldis 6Andrew Aldis 6 

Adding Custom Buttons to VF page

I am trying to add some custom buttons to a VF page and keep getting the following error when ever I try to add it.  Field $label.Retunt_To_Corporate_Transportation_Pro_Serv does not exist.  Check spelling.  The spelling is correct and the button is set up exactly the same as other buttons that have been added to the VF page.  I am pretty new to this so I am definately missing many of the nuances of VF development but I cannot see why it will not let me add the field.  I also created 3 other fields on the same object and none will work with the page either I just get the same error.
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Thiyagarajan Selvaraj (SFDC Developer)Thiyagarajan Selvaraj (SFDC Developer)
It seems the custom label doesn't exist. Go to Setup --> Create --> Custom Labels and check is there any custom labels exists with that name. if not, create a new one.