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Murugan MuniyanMurugan Muniyan 

we have integration B\W SAP to salesforce without using middleware & also without using username and password

what i doing now is,i have written custom webservice and gave to sap team.we are planning connect salesforce system using  SSL certificate for mutual authentication.
my question is how to pass the certificate parameter with in custom webservices?
becoz they do not want use login credencials and other thing is SAP side there is no option to parse our WSDL.
so how to handshake our system through CUSTOM WSDL?
Murugan MuniyanMurugan Muniyan
please anybody help on this?
Mahendra Singh 19Mahendra Singh 19
Hi Murugan,

I need to create a record from SFDC to SAP without using middle ware and without credentials . can you provide me help and document regarding it. I need it urgently.