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Andrew Aldis 6Andrew Aldis 6 

Custom Button and VF Pages

I am trying to add some custom buttons to a VF page and kept getting the following error when ever I try to add it.  Field $label.Retunt_To_Corporate_Transportation_Pro_Serv does not exist.  Check spelling.  I was told that the button I wanted to add did not have a label so I went and created a custom label then added the action of action="{!URLFOR($Action.SFDC_Project__c.Conga_Professional_Services_Preview_Report, SFDC_Project__c.Id)}".  I saved and everything seemed fine but when I click the button it pulls up the wrong template and report.  I checked the button and it is correct it even works when I click on a standard SF page layout, however when I click it on the VF page it pulls up a completely different conga template.  There is another button on the page that pulls up the same template.  Basically all it looks like I did was duplicate the conga button that was already there.  What could I be missing?

<apex:commandButton value="{!$Label.Conga_Professional_Services_Preview_Report}" action="{!URLFOR($Action.SFDC_Project__c.Conga_Professional_Services_Preview_Report, SFDC_Project__c.Id)}" onclick="openConga(); return false;"/>
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Shashikant SharmaShashikant Sharma
Hi Andrew,

Is this Label Conga_Professional_Services_Preview_Report art of any managed pacakge. If it is then you could try 


Let me know if above did not work