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How to View Current Picklist Value in Flow

I am pretty new to flows and I need a little help.

So we have an onboarding team that justs verifies information that a Sales Agent has filled out.

There are many single value pick lists in the opportunity.  For example we have one called "Agreement Status" and the picklist Values are

I have created these as choices in the flow and also changed stored values in each choice to not incluse the {} (something I read on another article) in order to get them to update and that works great.  I can change the value in the flow and it updates the value on the sObject field.

The problem I am having is when I go into the flow it does not display the current value in the sObject field.

What I have tried was create a variable and asign it to my sObject field Agreement_Status__C.  then created a choice and labeld it Orginal Value with a stored value of the new variable and then made that choice the default choice.  However I don't see the current value all I see is "orginal Value"  

How do I get a picklist current value to display in a flow?

Thanks in Advance