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Ronan O'Neill 6Ronan O'Neill 6 

I broke my developer log in


I was experimenting with single sign on and I think I managed to create a scenario where by I can't log in via salesforce log in page and my own domains log in page is stuck in an authentication loop which means I can never log in again. 

The specific settings at fault are under My Domain, 
Prevent login from https://login.salesforce.com and
Authentication Service changed from Log in

My user name is ronan@ecass.com 

I sent a support case in via our main salesforce but they suggested I ask someone here. If there are salesforce people who can access my account and reset the log in settings that would be great. Or if someone knows how to fix this without being able to log in. 

Andy BoettcherAndy Boettcher
You've been classified as "developer support", which is why you landed here.  You can try to log in with your MyDomain URL, but you may need to contact support and just tell them you can't log in.

Is this a developer org or a production org?  If it's a developer org, just abandon it and spin up a new one (far faster...).  If it's your Production org, then contact support.