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Paul YoungPaul Young 

Expert Salesforce Developer who is ready for a part management role

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You:  Expert Salesforce developer.  If you get a papercut, you bleed Apex and VF pages.  If someone says "Lightning!", your first thought isn't to take shelter from the storm, but rather to start coding.  When you hear the term "Flow", you think of processes, rather than lava. 

Now:  You're ready to take your career to the next step.  You want to keep you hands in active development work, but you're excited to help others reach new heights.  You can manage small teams and understand the complexities of outsourced resources.  This is your time.  You're ready for a change.

The role:  Senior Manager of Development at a fast growing, Salesforce consulting firm.  Full time, excellent pay and benefits.  Work at the headquarters in Orlando, FL or remotely (US based only).  The job is equal parts hands on for highly complex projects and the management of a skilled team of developers.

Take action:  Email pyoung@basati.com or call Paul Young at 407-792-5692 for more details and confidential consideration.