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Management Opportunities - Boston Metro

Hire On-Demand has 2 great Management opportunities with a global, Boston-area based, financial services org. 

Opportunity to offer direction from the ground up (recent deployment). Strong executive sponsorship. High profile roles.

SFDC Security (Vice President)
  • Integral position responsible for ensuring large CRM org abides by industry rules/regs
  • Manage and own complex SFDC security model
  • Must be familiar with Fin Service compliance regs (global experience a plus)
  • Build in-house compliance processes/guidelines from scratch
  • Lead cross functional committee on SFDC security measures
  • Strategic and tactical role
  • No previous management experience required

Data Integrity (Vice President)
  • In this mission critical role, oversee how numerous sources of sensitive data will accurately be incorporated into SFDC and represented to end-users
  • Build team/processes from ground up
  • Hands-on tactical role
  • One new immediate direct report (you will hire this individual)
  • Must have deep understanding of managing large data sets
  • Biz Intelligence experience a plus
  • Do NOT need prior leadership experience, but should have the desire!
Please feel free to pass along. 

Kim Wallins Friedman 
Hire On-Demand 
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