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Valter Podmanicki JunorValter Podmanicki Junor 

IBM DataStage with Saleforce connector error on SandBox (PRD Working fine)

 Hi all I am using IBM DataStage with Salesforce Appexchange connector


The Connector is working fine on Prod but not in Sandbox the only diference into environments is Sandbox using SHA-256 and production not 

Any advices to fix it ?
Valter Podmanicki JunorValter Podmanicki Junor
Everytime that tried to connect IBM Infosphere Connector for Salesforce into Sandbox I receive error message: 

com.ibm.is.dmdi.shared.exception.ImportException:Unable to retrieve the Salesforce repository 

Using the same connector on Production org works fine 

We've already tried the Test with SHA-256 per document : 

- HTTPS Security Certificate Change from SHA-1 to SHA-256 hash algorithms 

Amit Chaudhary 8Amit Chaudhary 8
Please check URL:- that should be like below for sandbox

Valter Podmanicki JunorValter Podmanicki Junor
Hi Amit the URL is right , not the problem
Lynda Elbay 6Lynda Elbay 6
EveryOne Find a way to solve the issue ? 
Thanks by Advance