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Dagny FernandesDagny Fernandes 

Report's not visible to Partner Portal users

Hi all

I have a some partner users where i have to create report and give acces to the partner user to see the report.

->I have created some sample reports and created the folder and given the acces to the parther user to the report folder.
->I have made Standard Report Visibility true in the sharing setting.
->In profile level i have given acces to the report. add the tab to the partner login 

iam able to see the report tab when i logged in to the partner user and when i click on report tab i am not able to see the folder also which was shared with the partner user...

Need help asap.
Thank u in advance.
NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Dagny,

You need to have "Run Reports" permission to view the Reports tab. This permission is not available in standard Partner Portal Profile. So, clone the Partner Portal Profile, assign "Run Reports" permission and assign this profile to the corresponding user.

Then, try accessing the reports tab.Let me know if this works.

Best Regards
Naga Kiran

Dagny FernandesDagny Fernandes

Hi Naga,

Thanks for your quick responce @Naga...

I have created new custom partner profile and given "Run Reports" and even the "export report" permission too but still I am not able to get acces to the reportes