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How to get a picklist value of user object in To do and Visits report

My requirement is to create a report using the report type as TODos and visits (which refers to acitivies)
with fields in the report as  Assigned to (refers to user ) subject, Opportunies, Visit status, etc., based on the filter condition One P&C (custom picklist field) equals as Asia Pac

This custome picklist field is present in User object having the picklist values as Asia Pac, Europe, North America and South America.) 

I have 20 users with One P&C field as Asia Pac. In order to get those user details with One P&C field as Asia Pac, I have created a custom field in Actiivites object with field type as formula which use merge field formula to get the One P&C value of user object.

Eventhough i created that formual field, One P&C is not getting any values.

Please look over it and suggest a way to filter the Activities records in report based on the custom picklist field (One P&C in user object).

Here is the solution:   https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F00000008kxbIAA