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How to Store session access token into cookie

  I am new to Salesforce API. Currently i am working on calling .net rest api into salesforce. I am able to hit the url and get access token in developer console but now i want to store this into cookie for use in future call. Any sample code for consume .net Api into saleforce using store access token into cookies? I already register api url into remote setting , I have doubt should i register it into connected app also?

NagaNaga (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Salesforce Developer,

The client can handle this by having some logic for handling a request to the Salesforce API which fails with an Unauthorized response. When an Unauthorized response is received the client can ask your web server for a new access token / session id.

Alternatively you'd have to use WebSockets or some push technology to push the new access token to the client when the web server refreshes the token.

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Naga Kiran
Salesforce Developer 60Salesforce Developer 60
Thanks for quick response. But i want to know how to store access token in Salesforce for future use either in cookie or some where else.
Mudmayee Chaturvedi 8Mudmayee Chaturvedi 8
Any solution insights? I can't seem to figure out a way except creating a custom object to store tokens (when token length is 2000 characters)