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Julian Garcia UKJulian Garcia UK 

Volunteer as Salesforce Admin/Developer

Hi Everyone,

I've recently gone through a lot of the online learning (trailheads, force fundamentals and some workbooks). I needed to learn due to a project happening at my current work place which will involve logging requests on Salesforce. At this point I'm unsure as to whether or not that project is going ahead, but regardless of that, I would like to progress with Salesforce.

Now I'm not yet experienced enough to go for the DEV401 certification and certainly not experienced enough to look for jobs. But I was wondering whether there are any evening and/or weekend roles that I could do on a totally voluntary basis free of charge? The only thing I would be hoping to gain is practical experience developing on Salesforce. Alot of the training I have done myself online over the last couple of months so I think I have enough knowledge to get going - at least for smaller projects. Does anyone know if this exists anywhere in London? Or even on a remote working basis as this is all based online.

I know a lot of charities do use Salesforce, and that maybe one of these could do with a helping hand without having to fork out hundreds for a consultant? Has anyone here ever done this or is anyone looking for a volunteer?
Ramesh KallooriRamesh Kalloori
Hi Julian,

I have Salesforce developement project to work. Please find the below contact details.

Email: KallooriRamesh@gmail.com
Skype: Ramesh.Kalloori
Luison Lassala 13Luison Lassala 13
Hola Julian,

Yo trabajo para una "charity" en Dublin (se llama Lismullin Institute) que necesita un poco de trabajo con SalesForce y Joomla 2.5. ¿Sabes trabajar con Joomla? Tenemos que integrar un aplicación muy sencilla que nos ha desarrollado un madrileño que vive en Dublin, pero que por circunstancias personales no ha podido terminar el proyecto. Si te interesa conocer más, mandame un email a admin@lismullin.ie.
Un abrazo y gracias

Louise Talbot BeirneLouise Talbot Beirne
Hi Julian, 

I realise this post is old, but we are looking for a salesforce developer for our charity. You can read more about us at vmminternational.org. Please drop me an email louise@vmminternational.org if you are still looking for volunteer work in salesforce.