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Brock NortonBrock Norton 

Error: Field ShippingPostalCode does not exist. Check spelling.

How is this possible when I'm selecting SF's own insert field values and it is populating them?
are you doing like this Account.ShippingPostalCode , if you are mentioning ShippingPostalCode only it will give you an error
Could you be more descriptive where you are using and how?
Brock NortonBrock Norton
Yes. I need to create a validation rule to check that a contact is in the zip code of its account. Here are the directions: To complete this challenge, add a validation rule which will block the insertion of a contact if the contact is related to an account and has a mailing postal code (which has the API Name MailingPostalCode) different from the account's shipping postal code (which has the API Name ShippingPostalCode).Name the validation rule 'Contact must be in Account ZIP Code'. A contact with a MailingPostalCode that has an account and does not match the associated Account ShippingPostalCode should return with a validation error and not be inserted. The validation rule should ONLY apply to contact records with an associated account. Contact records with no associated parent account can be added with any MailingPostalCode value. (Hint: you can use the ISBLANK function for this check) Here is my Error Condition Formula: ISBLANK(MailingPostalCode | P: 877.210.0126 | F: 801.853.4089 LinkedIn | Customer Testimonials | Sales Rep Best Practices [http://insidesales.com/images/email-sig-banner.png]? ****** Stop copying here ******?
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Select fields as shown in below manner 

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This is the  formula
AND((MailingPostalCode <> Account.ShippingPostalCode), NOT(ISBLANK( Account.Name )))
Meric AsanerMeric Asaner
Date: November 15th 2021
Trail: Formulas and Validations --> Create Validation Rules
Error: Field MailingPostalCode does not exist. Check spelling.

Solution: Instead of writing MailingPostalCode try writing BillingPostalCode