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New mobile trailhead errors


When I followed these directions, I got errors.   
npm -g install cordova

Installs the latest version of cordova which is doesn't work with SFDC.   

Cordova 4.0 platform has a slew of underlying architecture changes that make it incompatible with the existing Mobile SDK out of the box. Classes have been renamed and moved around. Also, Cordova 4.0 requires the usage of their whitelist plugin for any network requests.
In short, the current version of Mobile SDK won't work with Cordova 4.0. Any 3.x version of Cordova should work fine.

Thanks Jeremy for pointing this out. Looks like the latest cordova CLI v5 defaults to Cordova-Android v4.0.
We are updating the documentation to mention that SDK requires CLI 4.3.1, which uses Cordova-Android v3.7.2. Cordova has currently a mess of versions.