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error parsing file element duplicated at this location type

I am trying to copy workflows (field updates and rules) from one org to another using eclipse force.com ide.  I used this source code copy/paste method for fields, validation rules, record types, etc. with no problem.  What went wrong?  I am getting "Error parsing file: Element fieldUdates is duplicated at this location in type Workflow"
Any idea how to fix this?
ShashankShashank (Salesforce Developers) 
Could you please let me know if you are still facing this issue or if you found a solution?
Johnette BishopJohnette Bishop
I did not find a solution.  But I got someone else to migrate our workflows.  thanks.
Charles KopplemanCharles Koppleman
I had a similar problem deploying a permissionset that I discovered the answer to.

The error was:
Error: Error parsing file: Element fieldPermissions is duplicated at this location in type PermissionSet (line 104, column 19)

I had many <fieldPermissions> elements in my permissionset file.  Some were at the top of the file, others were at the bottom.  When I consolidated all the <fieldPermissions> elements into one contiguous block of elements, the error went away.

Confusingly, 104:19 is the end of the first tag other than fieldPermissions after the second non-contiguous set.
Vinay Kumar 1207Vinay Kumar 1207
Thanks for the fix Charles.

We encountered similar kind of issue and your resolution helped us fix the issue.
Michael PaisnerMichael Paisner
Thanks Charles.  Knowing the tags have to be continuous is a big help!
thank you! your solution was helpful
Meenu SankarMeenu Sankar

Thanks Charles. I had similar issue and fixed from your comment. I had duplicate tags like below for same field.