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Paras JainParas Jain 

Need help, i am around 6 months experience in development and i am not so logical.

Need help, i am around 6 months experience in development & overall & total 2 year  exp in salesforce and i am not so logical and i am not find when i have to use wrapper, or other things..i am not able to getting the things fast, what i have to do , whether i have to move in admin part. I am very upset and does not find the right pathway   what i have to do ?
Hi paras,

Try to down load below pdf .



Try to read an do all example in developer organisation .

In reference section all apex classes and methods are there if you will try in develoer console . 

Basically we are writting wrapper class to create a new object with addition of one object or table .

You can check below code for a simple wrapper class .


Keep patience work hard for few months you will be confortable in apex .

Let me know if it helps .